March 17th 2016 – 2016-2017 Budget: The Quebec Student Union is outraged by the meagre reinvestments in higher education


March 17th 2016

The Quebec Student Union is outraged by meagre reinvestment made in the university network, as announced in the 2016-2017 budget. The funds allocated to universities are even insufficient to cover the spending increases made by the government since the onset of the liberal term in office.

“Today, the government is failing to provide the university network with the means necessary to emerge from its precarious financial situation. The provincial budget is once again neglecting higher education. This is more than disappointing, it’s unacceptable!” decries Ms. Caroline Aubry, QSU’s general coordinator.

While presenting its budget for 2016-2017, the Quebec government announced that it would reinvest 47 million dollars in universities. This meagre amount falls short of the 350 million dollars necessary to counter the rising costs and the recurrent cuts inflicted to the higher education system since Mr. Leitao’s first budget.

QSU expects that such inadequate funding will only further the decline of the services provided by the university network. “The cuts endured in the last few years struck at the very core of higher education. Classrooms are overflowing, services are being cutback, and the quality of our education is in decline putting the academic success of students in jeopardy ” adds Ms. Aubry.

QSU has no praise for the Quebec government regarding academic research either. Indeed, no new investments were made in the Quebec Research Funds this year despite the fact that the academic community has been waiting for a new research and innovation strategy since 2014.

QSU calls upon the government to reinvest massively in universities to counter the series cuts inflicted upon them in the past few years, allow them to adjust to rising costs and revitalise the network.

The mission of the Quebec Student Union is to defend the rights and interests of the student community, of its member associations and their members, by promoting, protecting and improving the welfare of students and the welfare of the local and international communities. It boast more then 72 000 members from across the province.


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