Every campus-level association that wishes to join the QSU may do so according to its own by-laws and internal processes. The disaffiliation process is equally simple. This principle guarantees the local sovereignty of all member associations and pushes the Quebec Student Union to ensure that its work is exemplary and that it’s getting results.

The fee levy is $4.84 a semester and is divided as follows:

Updated on 03-08-2021
Budgets are provisional and do not reflect the organizations real financial position.

Human Resources

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is a seven-person team elected during the Annual General Assembly. During their one-year mandate, each member receives financial compensation equal to minimum wage for a full-time work week.


Several staff positions have been created to support the Coordinating Committee and assist in the national association’s administration and management. The individuals hired for these positions assist with tasks such as research, accounting, management, media relations, political advising, and many others as needed.

Mobilization and Political Actions


Funds used to cover the cost of research for internal bodies that don’t benefit from their own dedicated budgets.


Production of mobilization materials and tools to support campaigns and political issues.

Graphic Design

Graphic design for informational and mobilization materials and graphic design services for member associations.

External Representation

Support or affiliation expenses to different civil society organizations and transportation costs for the Coordinating Committee whenever it represents the QSU with the government or civil society organizations at meetings or events.

Media Relations

Costs for publishing press releases or holding press conferences to spotlight issues associated with the conditions of students that the QSU is acting to defend.

Member Support

Internal Representation

Expenses for travel, lodging and meals for members of the Coordinating Committee when they are representing the QSU at meetings with student associations or supporting member associations during events and campaigns.

Training Camp

Annual event presenting a series of workshops intended to inform student associations about different dossiers associated with the conditions of students as well as the QSU’s history and operations.

Solidarity Equalization Payments

Funds dedicated to supporting associations that need help covering travel costs for the QSU’s meetings.


Translation and simultaneous interpretation services for the QSU’s documents and meetings.


Professional Honorariums

Fees for general legal services and an external financial audit.


Costs for the QSU’s head office and supplies.


Costs for Internet connection, mobile devices and land lines at the head office.

Banking Fees

Costs for the QSU’s bank account and other administrative fees charged by its financial institution.


Hiring a contractor to apply the organization’s archival plan to its documents.


Civil liability insurance, board and officer insurance and commercial insurance.


Costs for upkeep, modifications and hosting of the website.


Campaign Funds

Funding for all of the activities undertaken as part of a major political campaign at the QSU (mobilizations, pressure tactics, material, etc.). Any use of these campaign funds must be approved by the Caucus.

Social Action Resources Fund

An annual budget dedicated to special projects overseen by specific working committees, used to fund their initiatives (research, mobilization material, website, etc.). Each committee’s budget is available online.

National Council of Graduate Studies and Research Fund

Research, mobilization material, travel costs and other expenses required to complete the action plans adopted by the Council.

Regional Associations Committee Fund

Research, mobilization material, travel costs and other expenses required to complete the action plans adopted by the Committee.

Security Fund

The national association has a recurring investment in this fund to ensure it can react to unexpected situations whenever they arise.


By-Laws Information Policy Access and Dissemination Electoral Policy