Consent Form – Study on mental health


  1. Purpose of the Study

This study is intended to produce a comprehensive overview of student mental health. We will then try and identify elements specific to the university context that affect students’ mental health, as well as the groups that seem to have the greatest need.

  1. Participation in the research

Participation in this study consists in responding to the present questionnaire. This should take between 8 to 10 minutes.

  1. Confidentiality

The information you share will remain confidential. No identifying information about you will ever be published. Each participant in this study is assigned a code to ensure that none of your data is ever associated with your name. The company that is hosting the survey will destroy all of the data it collects on January 14, 2019, and it is contractually bound not to use this data for any other purpose than the present study.

  1. Results of the study

The QSU can publish reports on this study in which results will be presented for participants as a whole. The QSU will provide a confidential report to your university and student association on the specific findings for members of your campus-level student association, as well as the corresponding database of results. None of the information contained in this report or database could be used to identify any student in particular. However, it will allow your student association, your university, and its student services to better understand the needs of their student population and to improve their capacity to meet those needs. This database may also be used for research purposes and academic publications in the interest of advancing scholarship on student mental health.

  1. Risks and inconveniences

There are no specific risks associated with this study. However, certain questions in the survey may revive difficult or traumatic memories. You will always have the option to refuse to answer any question you choose or to stop the survey altogether. If you feel the need, a list of resources (many of which are available 24/7) has been made available on the page above this agreement.

  1. Advantages and benefits

There are no specific advantages to participating in this study. However, you will be contributing to a better understanding of how the university context affects the mental health of students.

  1. Right to withdraw

Your participation in this project is entirely voluntary and you may choose to withdraw from the study at any time by simply giving notice to that effect, without any need to justify your decision and without any consequences. If you decide to withdraw from the study, simply write an e-mail or call the project coordinator and provide the code you were assigned (the code is included in the link you had to click to open this page). You do not need to give your name. At your request, all of the information you have shared can also be destroyed. However, once the publication process is underway, it will no longer be possible to destroy the analyses and findings that include your data.

  1. Compensation

To thank you for your participation, you’re invited to participate in a draw. To enter, you will be presented with an entirely separate form after you have completed the survey. None of the information you provide for the draw will ever be linked back to your answers to the survey.

  1. Questions

If you have any questions prior to participating in this study, you may get in touch with the project coordinator:

Project Coordinator: Frédérique-Emmanuelle Lessard


Telephone: 1 877-213-3551



By participating in this study, the participant recognizes:

  • That he or she can take his or her time to consider before agreeing to participate in the study or not.
  • That she or he can ask the project coordinator questions and demand satisfactory answers.
  • That he or she understands that, by participating in this study, he or she does not waive any of his or her rights and does not relieve the QSU of its responsibilities.
  • That she or he has read and understood the information included in this consent form and that she or he accepts to participate in this research project.