Synthesis Report on the Conseil des universités du Québec


This report synthesizes the student community’s recommendations for the Corbo consultation, which has been initiated to provide concrete recommendations for the creation of a Conseil des universités du Québeci (CUQ).

In it, we will be addressing the CUQ’s role and powers. Our desire is to see it become an expert body for the evaluation of university administrations and a partner for elected officials by providing its expertise on related questions. It would also have a programmatic role to play in the university network’s development, through the implementation of a five-year plan and by preparing recommendations for the minister’s consideration. To fulfill these roles, the Conseil must be fully independent from both the university administrations it oversees and the political actors it counsels.

To ensure that it understands the realities lived within the university community, its composition must include a clear majority of members originating from the university community and representation by all of the constituencies that compose it. For students, this translates into a minimum of four seats: one for each level of study, undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral, and the last for a student in continuing education.

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