October 17, 2016 – HEC to downtown: the Student Union criticizes the prioritization of the Minister


MONTREAL, October 17, 2016 – is with skepticism that the Student Union of Quebec (UEQ) welcomes the announcement of the Minister Hélène David about the creation of a flag of the HEC in downtown Montreal. Far from believing that the need has been shown for this new Pavilion, the UEQ believes that the financial priorities of the Ministry of Education should be to refinance universities following the austerity of its predecessors and not to embark on yet another infrastructure project.

"Downtown Montreal is already served by three universities offering programs in administration and management. Far from responding to a need, this pavilion not only add a new player fighting for the same piece of pie', recalls Nicolas Lavallée, president of the UEQ. The organization believes that these amounts could be used for better purposes, including meeting the needs in maintenance deferred already existing infrastructure.

The UEQ reminds that the Minister would soon proceed with the creation of a Council of universities. She believes that this could precisely study the needs for training for students in management and administration. "We must draw lessons from the past and define the needs before you start making the shovelfuls of Earth. ", put in guard Nicolas Lavallée.


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Alexandre Ducharme
Political aide to the UEQ
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