Sustainable development

Information brochure

Eager to do his part for the environment and sustainable development, the Quebec Student Union (QSU) was looking for how to make a contribution to the struggle of student associations and student clubs to improve their campus record. Instead of asking for a national policy framework that does not respond to the reality of all campuses, student associations have asked the QSU to produce data sheets on various topics in order to equip them in their claims.

Thus, in produced records, you will always find 4 sections:

  • The environmental context and impact;
  • Examples of implemented measures;
  • The success and failure factors of campaigns on this issue;
  • A short bibliography.

Currently, the following fact sheets have been produced:

Abolition de la vente de bouteilles d’eau

Mobilité durable et accessibilité au transport en commun

Gestion des matières compostables

Mesures de réduction du gaspillage alimentaire

Projets d’agriculture sur les campus universitaires

Gestion des matières recyclables