2018-2019 team


Guillaume Lecorps

The president is the official spokesperson of the Quebec Student Union. It coordinates the work of the coordination committee. It maintains relationships with relevant community organizations and external groupings.

Vanessa Desrosiers

Vice president
The vice president assists the president in its tasks. It monitors the work of the coordinating committee.

Blanche Mageau-Béland

Secretary general
The secretary general manages the finances of the Quebec Student Union on a daily basis. It carries out the institutional follow-up of the bodies of the organization. It ensures compliance between the Union’s activities and policies.

Alex Latulipe Loiselle

Coordination for higher education
The coordinator for higher education elaborates the dossiers relating to pedagogy and the management of the university network. It supports associations through training.

Philippe LeBel

Coordination of graduate studies and research and president of the national council for graduate studies and research
The coordination of graduate studies and research elaborates the dossiers relating to graduate studies and research.

Jade Karim

Mobilization and associative affairs coordination
The mobilisation and associative affairs coordinator is responsable of maintaining relations with student associations while conducting all mobilization efforts.

Our employees

Marie Koffi

Administrative director

Alexandre Ducharme

Political attachée / Press officer

Yasmine Jouhari

Researcher / CNCSR Attachée