Enough is enough

Learning without sacrificing our planet!

It's not normal that in 2024, universities are still lacking funding for their ecological transition. Greenhouse gas emissions from these institutions have a major impact on climate change in Quebec, and we need to act now before it's too late! Students deserve to learn in a healthy, pollution-free environment.

Several Quebec universities have declared a climate emergency, but these declarations must be followed by direct action to combat climate change!
Enough is enough


In 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimated that human activity, characterized by increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, was responsible for a 1.0°C rise in global temperature. If current trends continue, global warming is expected to reach 1.5°C between 2030 and 2052, which will have catastrophic impacts on the Earth's ecosystems.

Considering that universities account for 14% of the institutional sector's emissions in Quebec, it is crucial that Quebec's universities begin their ecological transition by, among other things, renovating their buildings and modifying their heating and air-conditioning methods.

Research on the environmental impact of universities

To limit global warming, the QSU is working to quickly reduce the environmental footprint of universities. In 2021, to work towards reducing the environmental footprint of universities to limit global warming, the QSU has adopted a research on the environmental impact of universities.

The purpose of this research is to identify the factors contributing to GHG emissions and to the deterioration of biodiversity on university campuses and then issue recommendations and establish precise leverage for action

Our demands

The notice on the environmental impact of universities contains over thirty demands, ranging from requests for more funding from the provincial government, to calls for universities to reduce their carbon footprint through energy efficiency projects.

Here are a few examples of the recommendations made in the notice:

- That the Quebec government provide financial assistance to universities conducting energy efficiency and energy conversion projects ;

- That the Government of Quebec establish standards for the sequestration and offsetting of GHG emissions in the voluntary carbon market ;

- That Quebec universities reduce their carbon footprint by electrifying their heating systems ;

- That Quebec universities reduce their use of fossil fuels to the point of elimination.



Get involved!

To get involved in the campaign, turn to your program or campus student association. They'll be happy to give you more information on their actions!

Stay tuned to our social media channels so you don't miss a thing, and don't hesitate to re-share our campaign publications to spread the word!

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