Specific working committees

The specific working committees (SWC) are ad hoc coalitions that weer created to work on specific issues for a period of time and which are open to non-member organizations. It’s a good way for the Student Union of Quebec to be more in tune with civil society and not be closed off.

Specific working committees


Specific working committees (SWC) are created at the request of three (3) member associations. Applications must be accompanied by a plan of action, a budget and a list of participants who wish to get involved in the SWC.


SWC are autonomous within the Student Union structures of Quebec. Each CTS decides its composition, its political actions as well as its rules of operation. Participating associations will be able to decide between themselves how their campaign will be organized and will be able to establish their own representation policy regarding said issue.

The existing SWC

Financial compensation for internships in education

The purpose of this SWC is to understand the economic reality of students in Quebec. In order to do so, a portrait of the financial situation and debt of Quebec university students must first be drawn up. Secondly, a discourse adapted to the reality and context of Quebec universities must be produced.

The SWC was created in 2019, following the adoption of positions on debt and financial insecurity by QSU. The Behind the mask study revealed that financial insecurity significantly influences student psychological health. Considering that there is no current data on the financing and indebtedness of academics, the member associations then asked the QSU to look into the matter.

The study was scheduled to take place in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the survey from taking place as the particular financial situation of the student community during that time would have skewed the results. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still present, it was determined that the study would take place in the fall of 2022 in order to have a current picture of the financial situation of the student body.


The purpose of the SWC is to address the issue of student debt and funding. Since it is a SWC, the UEQ hopes to have an overview of the entire student community throughout Quebec, particularly with the participation of non-member associations.

Such a study will make it possible to document the financial situation of the student population, and thus produce clear recommendations and demands based on the real needs of students. These demands would be addressed to the provincial and federal governments in order to prevent or reduce financial insecurity and debt.

Student psychological health

The purpose of this SWC is to draw up a portrait of the state of psychological health of Quebec university students as well as to document the service offer in terms of psychological health in the various Quebec universities, among other things, by producing a discourse adapted to the reality and context of Quebec universities.

The Student Psychological Health Working Committee conducted its first pan-Quebec study in 2018 and the report was released in 2019 accompanied by a major awareness campaign called Behind the mask. In 2020, a quick study was conducted to document the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the psychological health of the student community.


- To establish the state of psychological health of the Quebec student population through a pan-Quebec study;
- To produce a discourse on the state of psychological health of the Quebec student population and on the psychological health services offered in the various Quebec universities;
- To assist student associations in implementing the recommendations obtained.

Provincial Elections 2022

The goal of this SWC is to bring together as many Quebec student associations as possible around common demands for the 2022 provincial elections.

Since its creation, the QSU has twice brought together Quebec student associations under the banner of a specific working committee (SWC) in order to propose common electoral demands: first for the 2018 provincial elections, then in 2019 for the federal elections (FULL OF LINKS).

These SWCs allowed student organizations to co-create advocacy platforms that were used during election campaigns to make the student voice known. This strategy led to promises on financial compensation for internships and the creation of a national strategy to prevent and fight psychological health problems. The collaboration of all the participating associations allowed the student movement to be heard during the last elections.


The mission of this SWC will be to unite as many student unions in Quebec as possible around common demands for the 2022 provincial election. This mission will be accomplished by conducting a broad consultation on student issues with all student associations in preparation for the election. This consultation will lead to the creation of a common platform of demands that will be used by the SWC in its representation to candidates in the 2022 provincial election.

In addition, an advocacy campaign, including common campaign materials (posters, media visuals, etc.) will be made available to participating associations. Finally, a get-out-the-vote campaign will be organized to encourage the student population to express themselves in the next election.

Sustainable development

The purpose of this SWC is to organize actions in sustainable development within the university campuses.

Sustainable development is a large-scale issue that concerns the student associations, members and non-members of the UEQ. Since the subject of sustainable development is a social struggle and requires constant involvement, there have been, over the years, several actions carried out from this SWC.

The member student associations have decided to set up a specific working committee (SWC) on sustainable development in order to develop punctual campaigns in which the associations can participate and take ownership.

In the past, this SWC has created fact sheets on various subjects, such as the management of recyclable materials or agriculture on campus. Also, a campaign on the banning of plastic water bottles in universities was conducted.


The goal of the SWC is to organize sustainability actions on university campuses. The first campaign was aimed at banning the sale of single-use water bottles on the targeted university campuses. Subsequently, the SWC participated in the revision of a notice on the environmental impact of universities that was adopted in the 2021-2022 mandate.
The QSU is also involved in several collectives and discussion tables with various civil society organizations to address socio-political issues.
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