The QSU represents 91,000 members from several university campuses across Quebec. The QSU wants to be the main interlocutor on the issues of accessibility to higher education and the living conditions of students with the various governments and social groups.

The Coordination Committee 2022-2023

  • Catherine Bibeau-Lorrain
    Catherine Bibeau-Lorrain
    The president is the official spokesperson of the Quebec Student Union. It coordinates the work of the coordination committee and of the employees. It maintains relationships with relevant community organizations and external groupings.
  • Marc-Antoine Tourville
    Marc-Antoine Tourville
    Vice President
    Assist the President in the accomplishment of her tasks and coordinate the tasks related to mobilization with the help of the persons in charge of coordinating mobilization and associative relations.
  • Etienne Paré
    Etienne Paré
    Sociopolitical affairs coordinator
    The coordinator of sociopolitical affairs elaborates the dossiers relating to the citizen’s conditions and maintain relationships with community organizations and external groups.
  • Catherine Internoscia
    Catherine Internoscia
    Mobilization and associative affairs coordinator
    The mobilization and associative affairs coordinator is in charge of maintaining relations with student associations while conducting all mobilization efforts.

Our employees

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