Student Financial Assistance

Each year, the Loans and Scholarships Program of the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education, which is the main program of the Student Financial Assistance, allows approximately 175,000 Quebec students with insufficient financial resources to pursue full-time secondary education, professional training, college studies or university studies.
Student Financial Assistance

Student Financial Assistance Offices

For questions about your financial assistance application, please contact your school's financial assistance office:
Student financial assistance (Quebec loans and scholarships) has been improved this year to address the financial issues that COVID-19 may have created for the student community. An amount of $200 million was injected to increase allowable expenses to counter the effects of COVID-19 on student finances. This means that in the fall 2020 semester, aid for all students will be increased for the 2020-2021 eligibility period.

In addition, some of the changes will be permanent as an additional $100M has been injected to improve long-term financial aid. This additional support could result in 20,000 new individuals becoming eligible for student financial assistance.

If you did not receive aid for the fall semester, it is extremely important to reapply in the winter to see if you are one of the 20,000 new eligible students.

Student financial assistance process

Here are two processes that can help you get assistance based on your actual needs

Statement of change in financial status for third parties contributing to your education.

If your parents, guardians or spouse have lost income this year for any reason. You can report this on an online form. This way, the assistance you receive will be measured against your actual household income. If income has decreased by 10% or more from the previous year, you must complete the form and then submit it online to have your financial aid re-calculated. Complete Form 1100, 1101 or 1102 to report the decrease in income. For information on how to transfer a form, please refer to the following section: How to submit a form other than by fax.

Exemption request of Student Financial Assistance

This process allows you to apply for assistance because you have an exceptional situation or because you have new exceptional needs. You must be able to prove these needs.
Here are two situations that often require an exemption request:
- You have reached the program's debt limit;
- You have reached the program's limit of eligible months.

Important information regarding exemption requests

Exemption requests must be made in collaboration with the financial assistance office of your educational institution, as they must transfer the request. They are available during university and college closures. You must write to them so that they can inform you of the procedure established by the Ministry of Higher Education concerning the exceptional situation of COVID-19.

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