80 million $

As the name implies, the campaign sought an $80 million reinvestment in Quebec's student financial assistance program (SFA).
80 million $
Thanks to the efforts of the Quebec Student Union (QSU) and its partners, a reinvestment of 80 million will be made directly to the Loans and Bursaries program. It’s 80 million more in the pockets of students. It is the highest reinvestment in the Loans and Bursaries program in the past 15 years. It will directly target the students in Quebec with the most need. By injecting this money, we can make up some of the indexing delay, due to the increase in the cost of living, of the amounts paid to students.

Concrete achievements for Quebec students:
On December 15 2016, Minister Hélène David announced that this amount will be invested entirely in the Aide financière aux études (AFE) program through 4 specific measures.
This measure will benefit 146,000 students, who will see a $462 per year increase to their awards, which is substantial.
Nicolas Lavallée, QSU President

Improvement of living expenses

Living expenses is an amounts that the government calculates for everyday expenses, for example: rent, groceries and transportation. These expenses have not been indexed for 10 years and have accumulated a delay compared to the cost of living. In 2017, the students will receive this new money in the form of scholarships.

Increase for single parent students

Fees for single parents are granted monthly when the recipient is the head of a single-parent household. It is an amount to help support the needs of children of students who have no spouse. 90 % of the people who will be helped by this bonus are women. In 2017, the students will receive this new money in the form of scholarships.

Increase of the threshold of part-time eligibility

The threshold for obtaining a loan for part-time students determines if the student is eligible to receive assistance when that student is part-time. With this measure, more than 2000 students will be able to receive assistance in the form of a government loan.

Improvement of air transportation costs

Air transportation costs are allocated to a student if his home and the educational institution that they attend are located in Quebec and there is no road link between the two. This allows students living in remote areas to visit their relatives more frequently and thus keep in touch with their community.
The announced measure will allow 11,000 single parents to receive, on average, a grant of $994 per year, which should lower their financial burden considerably and support the continuation of their studies.
Nicolas Lavallée, QSU President

The numbers in summary

65.4 Million

It’s the additional money which will be paid to all of the recipients of the Loans and Bursaries program. It is on average about $462 per year of additional assistance. It’s the more than 146,000 beneficiaries who are affected by this measure.

11.2 Million

It is the extra money which will be paid to single-parent families. This is on average $994 per year of extra help. It’s the more than 11,000 beneficiaries who are affected by this measure.

200 000 $

It is the additional money, which will be paid to students living in remote locations without a road connection. It’s a 100% increase.

50 000 $

Any student or part-time student who earns less than $50,000 annually will now receive loan assistance. It is nearly 2,000 students who will have access to financial assistance for their studies.

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