Where is our money?

The "Where is Our Money?" campaign was launched in January 2020.
Where is our money?


In 2016, the federal government announced the elimination of two tax credits, for education and textbooks. At the same time, it committed to gradually invest the money saved in the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program (CSFAP), up to a total investment of $649 million per year. Since Quebec does not participate in the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program and has its own program, the province receives an offsetting transfer each year. Following lobbying by national student associations, an agreement was reached for the Quebec government to direct this money into the SFA program, to the tune of $80M/year. This investment was based on the amount of money that the Quebec student community was losing by removing these two tax credits.

In 2019-2020, the QSU and the FECQ conclude that these tax credits would have allowed the Quebec student community to receive up to $277M on average over the next 5 years if they had not been abolished. As transfers from the Government of Canada will continue to increase over the years, the province has the means to compensate its student population. However, since 2016, no investment other than the initial $80M has been made in the SFA program. This leaves the Quebec student community $197M short.

Since this gap was highlighted in October 2019, Minister Roberge has been slow to take a position on the issue, even though he has always advocated that the Quebec student community should receive compensation for the loss of this tax credit.

The FECQ and QSU have therefore launched the "Where's our money?" campaign to ensure that his message is heard and that the province of Quebec stops enriching itself on the backs of its students.

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